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Amir Farjam and our biggest dreams

Boys and Girls, we are with Amir Farjam from Sweeden, and the topic is goal setting. Soheila Ghodstinat also joins us in the Studio and shares with us her goal of activating the Iranian Art scene in Florida. You can listen to our conversation with her here.
[audio:] For our topic, we speak about research on how light affects sleep quality. We’re happy to be back to be with you! Doosetoon Darim!! Here is our twitter, you can send us some love on our faceBook page, and leave us a voice-mail at 1-762-BEFARMA (762-2332-762Download Mp3.


  1. Farzad asheghetammm….jiiiiiiiigh…vayyyy baranamatoon khili har rooz tu khiaboon va uni baranamtoon ro goosh midam va koli ba sedaye boland mikhandam…jayi ke man zendegi mikonam irani khili kam vojoud dare baghiyeh nemidoonan man be tanhayi be chi mikhandam va fekr mikonan man divooneh shodam va man ba barnameh shoma be hame francavi ha mipasham….

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