Project: Creating a mixed media painting of 5 x 10 feet live during the festival, using the theme Giving and Kindness. When I create a piece with this theme live, I will talk with the audience who visit me to get some ideas from them about kindness and the work will be naturally organic related with the concept of the festival. My painting and drawing live is an art that I practice for more than 20 years, since I lived in Peru, and here in the Bay Area, as well as France and Spain. My work is related to visual poetry and performance. To paint I used my entire body in motion, and the actions performed on the canvas or paper are poetic actions.

Biography: Adrian Arias is a Peruvian-american prize-winning poet, visual artist, curator and cultural promoter. His visual art as his poetry explores the absurd, the sensuality of elements and the connection

between reality and dreams. He is art was exhibit in France, Spain, Japan, North and South America, and he travels from Peru to Macedonia for Poetry readings and congress. He was awarded with an artist residency at the de Young Museum in 2010 with his project “Beautiful Trash”, exhibited at Galería de La Raza in SF and at the San Marcos Museum in Peru. Website: