Project: I propose to have Persian carpet workshop for families and mainly for kids and youth. I will bring materials on Persian carpet including some patterns, colorful papers, pencils, some simple carpet designs, some carpet books, and some small carpet and gelim samples and ask participants to make artworks based on Persian carpet designs, colors, and motifs. One main spiritual aspect of the Persian carpet is that most of the people who weave carpets are giving their honesty, simplicity, beauty, and love through the carpet to other people. So I will talk about this aspect and ask kids to put their love in the artwork they are making and give it to someone they love. I have done such a workshop before in Oakland and it was very successful and kids loved to learn about carpet and create art based on it. I am an art teacher for over 20 years and have been teaching art in Iran and in the US.

Biography: Farzaneh Farid Moayer is an Iranian-American painter and art teacher. She studied fine arts at university of Kansas and studied sociology at university of Tehran. She has participated in over 40  art exhibitions in Iran and America. For over 25 years, Farzaneh has been teaching Arts and Crafts  to various age groups (pre K2-Adults) in public and private schools, summer camps, private classes, teacher training seminars and nonprofit organizations.

Through innovative art projects, Farzaneh has taught her students to develop a fresh creative perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions when looking at problems or situations. They have become powerful creative thinkers and have applied creative thinking methodologies to real world problems. She has also taught to mentally or physically disabled students as well as autistic children.