Project: The idea is to teach traditional Persian painting (Tazheeb) and provide opportunity for visitors to apply the patterns on the different subjects like scarf, hat, tie, T-shirt, etc. Visitors include adult and children can participate and have their own design and colors.

Biography: Fatemeh Rezaeefar is a painter and miniaturist who was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to California in 2012. She graduated traditional Persian art from university of Iran at Alborz and earned her B. A. f with top grad. She had collaboration with famous and outstanding instructors like Mr Tahmasebi and Ms Abassi. Her specialty is in pottery painting and Persian ministering such as Tazhib, flowers and birds, miniature. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and alternative spaces in Iran including international Fajr Exhibition in 2011, Group Exhibitions 2010, etc, also She has (hand craft) and (Technical and Vocational Training Organization) certificate from Iran.