Outdoor Stage at the Band Shell
Two years after the making of their sophomore album Semilla Caminante,LoCura presents the latest incarnation of their Bay Area sound with their new album Dale de Comer (Feed It). Recorded with local Producer Juan Manuel Caipo from Rockolito Studios, the album features Asdrú Sierra from Ozomatli on the title track. With a cast of San Francisco’s most diverse musicians, LoCura mixes Latin styles like Rumba Flamenca & Cumbia with Afro-Cuban rhythms and Ska together in a brand they’ve dubbed ‘Califas Flamenkito’. Fronted by Spanish-American vocalist Kata Miletich & guitarist Bob Sanders, LoCura reflects the global mosaic of its home in San Francisco through their distinctive style and brings their vision to life in their third album Dale de Comer. With lyrics in Spanish and English the album digs into the idea of the urban garden, ‘cooking it up’ in life’s kitchen & feeding your heart. In songs like “Amarantos”, inspiration comes from the amaranth plant and its ancient legacy of resilience and sustenance suggesting the deep-rooted cultural potential for perseverance in each of us.