Project: I am hosting two Recycled Origami Workshops at the festival, one for the young audience and one for a more mature one. I would like to introduce people the art of paper folding from a simple toy making like a fan, a boat, a hat to a more sophisticated fold like a bell, a star or a Japanese Brocade and turn them into earrings. I use mostly recycled papers for my Origami folds – discarded, damaged and old books, magazines, catalogs and wrapping papers and would like to spread this recycling message to others, especially young people – that you don’t need fancy, new and expensive materials to make an interesting and beautiful artwork; just look around your environment. Recycled the papers and giving them back as the new form of art.

Biography: As a child growing up in Vietnam, I learned paper folding to make my own toys when I was about ten, and now I often incorporate it into my artwork using mostly recycled materials. My artworks concentrate on the themes of environmental stewardship through the use of recycled materials, and on illustrating the multifaceted interactions between man and nature, plant and animal, pattern, shape and color. My Origami also highlight the innate tensions between pattern and regularity of form, irregularity, spontaneity and emotion. I stress the use of mostly recycled materials in order to show that art can be both sustainable and affordable, and my goal of having my works displayed publicly, is to drive this environmental message forward for the public benefit. I’m an employee of the Berkeley Public Library and I’ve been with BPL for fifteen years. My coworkers at the library gave me the nickname “Recycling Queen” and I carry it like a badge of honor through my art.