Project: I would like to create a live painting-calligraphy in Oil Medium using Sliver Leafing on Canvas with the idea of presenting a love story in human forms inspired by Persian Poetry as a gift of love. I will engage all kind of audiences in the process. My passion for calligraphy is driven by the highly spiritualistic religious writings and poetic texts composed in a beautifully artistic way throughout the Islamic cultural heritage. As an explorer of Islamic Art, I briefly studied the basics of “Nastaliq” script of Calligraphy at the tutelage of a non-traditional calligraphy master from Pakistan. He instructed me without any theory. With my own contemporary approach, I enjoy combining traditional styles and techniques of writing scripts. These allow me to explore the art of Calligraphy with the freedom to express my connection to an unseen soulful world.

Biography: I served from 2012-2014 as the Executive Director of Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS) whose dual mission is to bring awareness and exposure of Islamic Art and to build cultural bridges between the Islamic world and North America. As a lawyer and trained mediator, I am passionate about art and philanthropy. I find myself deeply connected with anything that has the power to heal, mend, transform and illuminate. I express my creativity in painting anything that is inspiring around me, capturing my reactions and thoughts about things happening in life.

(Profile photo credit: SamQ Photography)