Outdoor Stage at the Band Shell

Niosha Dance Academy

The Niosha Dance Academy, founded by Niosha Nafei in 1991, preserves, produces, and performs traditional and contemporary dances from the Iranian/Persian cultural world. They offer classes for individuals interested in learning these dances, and perform for the Iranian American community, representing that community in dance performances to the wider American audience, and in international venues. Through its classes and performances, they provide information and education about Iranian culture, tradition, and history, to the Iranian American community and serve as a cultural representation of that community. They create a platform for aspiring talent, where the young and the young at heart can receive structured dance training in various styles of traditional and modern Persian dance as well as belly dancing. Niosha Dance Academy performs throughout the USA at cultural arts festivals, local community events, as well as producing their own annual performances in the Bay Area.

Beshkan Dance Academy

Beshkan Dance Academy was created for expressing to and educating the community on the beautiful Persian culture through the art of Persian dancing.  We created our academy in 2003 and since our opening we have traveled throughout the United States promoting the Persian culture and dance at various international and cultural events including the New York Persian Parade.  Our goal is to create a positive environment for our students, where they can not only learn the art of Persian Dance, but also learn about the beautiful history.  We have many Iranian- American as well as non Iranian students and performers.
Ballet Afsaneh Dance Academy 
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area this dynamic group presents performances featuring dance, poetry, and music of the Silk Road — the historic trade route stretching 7,000 miles across the continent of Eurasia from the China Sea in the east to the Mediterranean in the west. The Ballet Afsaneh performance repertoire displays a wide range, from the glittering lyricism of fairytale and regional folklore dances, to incisive thought provoking, contemporary work. In addition the artists of Ballet Afsaneh share their joy and knowledge with students of all ages and backgrounds through the Afsaneh Dance Academy’s teaching programs. Afsaneh Dance Academy and Ballet Afsaneh are very proud to be collaborating with many of the Bay Area’s finest community dance groups for this very special folk dance presentation at NeekOn 2015!