Sima Moshtaghi was born in 1960 in Esfahan, Iran. Her family temporarily relocated to England for a few years during her childhood where she was inspired by operas, classical music and ballet dancers. She began drawing figures from early childhood and her greatest goal was to be an artist. Upon the family’s return to Esfahan, she would regularly pass through Naghsh-e-Jahan Square to and from school, one of the greatest and historically acclaimed squares in the world, surrounded by beautiful buildings from Safavid era, rich in naturalistic wall paintings, calligraphy inscriptions, tiles and abstract eslimi patterns.

With an abundance of traditional and modern artistic influences and points of view, she was destined for a career in the graphic arts. Since 1989 she has worked as a digital artist, having created drawings, Persian fonts, illustrations and graphics since the advent of the Apple Macintosh computer. Moshtaghi now lives in Northern California. Her works can be viewed at: