The “Iranian Arts Now” exhibition is a showcase of the outstanding examples of the very diverse expressions of the contemporary Iranian artists and the arts inspired by it around the world. We hope to foster a conversation both among the artists themselves and between the artists and the general public, so that the commonalities and differences in the Iranian expressions can be explored and communicated.

This year we received over 500 art submissions from over 200 artists living all over the world including Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Ukraine, Canada, and various states in the US including California, Arizona, Illinois, and Connecticut. The submissions included a wide assortment of medium including painting, drawing, photography, calligraphy, sculpture, wood work, illustration, crafts, collage, digital art, installation, and mixed media. We also received a wide variety of artistic expressions and styles from traditional and folk art and crafts to modern and contemporary styles.

Our 2015 exhibition is a digital representation of over 100 selected artworks to be showcased at the Neekon festival on September 26, 2015 at De Young Museum in San Francisco, California. Moreover, all the 214 accepted artworks will be showcased on the online exhibition of Ziya Art Center at for the course of 3 months.

“Iranian Arts Now” is led by Ziya Art Center, curated by award winning artist and curator, Arash Shirinbab and is sponsored by several organizations including Neekon, Persian Art Revival, and SAMENA Circle.