Carpet Weaving Workshop: 
Carpet weaving has always been an essential piece of Persian culture. This workshop is an exciting opportunity for kids to learn how to design and to actually create their own carpets! By learning the meanings of Persian rug patterns, participants will gain the ability to “read the rugs” and understand what the weaver is trying to show through their work. This workshop is great for kids of all ages!
Recycled Origami Workshops: 
There will be two simultaneous origami workshops, one for kids and one for adults introducing the art of paper folding with recycled materials. Learn simple folds like a fan, boat, and hat, to more sophisticated folds like a bell, star or Japanese Brocade and turn them into earrings. This is an eco-friendly craft as the materials will be from recycled papers including, discarded, damaged and old books, magazines, catalogs and wrapping papers. You don’t need fancy, new and expensive materials to make interesting and beautiful artwork; just look around in your environment for inspiration!
Bounce House
Need we say more? This year there will be an inflatable house full of jumpin’ fun for the entirety of the day at NeekOn!
Coloring  “Kindness”
Kids view the world with a sense of confidence and excitement that helps them achieve collaboration and unconditional giving (NeekOn’s goals) with amazing ease. To provide the kids at NeekOn an opportunity to participate in these themes there will be an large poster titled “What does kindness look like to you?” where kids will have the chance to show their wisdom on the meaning of kindness. There will also be a table set up with NeekOn themed coloring pages to inspire creativity.
Puppet Making: 
Kids will be supplied with pre-made material to put the finishing touches on what will be puppets. The puppets will then be donated to the Kids department of a local hospital so that we can further the goal of NeekOn, Inspire Kindness.